We all have to start somewhere, and for me, based on the subjective grading used at Climb Iowa, that looks to be in the land of 5.9 to 5.10a. 5.8’s are on-sightable, 5.9’s are redpointable, and 5.10ab’s seem projectable. Climb Iowa groups their grades as “ab” and “cd”, instead of just a,b,c,d, to account for some of the subjectivity in grading routes that are only up for a couple months).

For bouldering… V0’s are still a kick in the pants at the moment.

Now that a basline has been established, let’s see where this goes.

After a couple years of my friend Brad coaxing me every few months to visit the local rock climbing gym, Climb Iowa, with him, I finally decided to commit to a weekly visit and to do this for real. Tuesday will be our night to climb! I have my top-rope belay certification already, so now I just need to learn some skills on the wall!

This blog will be a place to post random climbing stuff as I begin this new adventure. Wish me luck!