The Garage Wall

First climb on the garage wall!

What started as a passing idea and rough sketch a few months ago has finally started to happen. A climbing/training wall in my garage!

Since I have but a modest 20×21′ two-car garage, and also enjoy wrenching on my cars in there, I needed a solution that wouldn’t actually take up any permanent floor or storage space. Fortunately for me, my oddly designed garage had a loft that left the gable ends of the garage open all the way to the roof. This lead to the design of a 10′ tall variable angle design, hinged so it folds up into the ceiling when not in use.

In the next several posts, I’ll document the idea and construction process of my epic garage wall.

Garage Wall Part 1 | Design
Garage Wall Part 2 | Framing
Garage Wall Part 3 | Surfacing
Garage Wall Part 4 | Securing
Garage Wall Part 5 | Holds
Garage Wall Part 6 | Training

First climb on the garage wall!

First climb on the garage wall!



Here’s a quick video demonstrating the wall’s fold-down action

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